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19 November
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Hey, I'm Stompy, and I'm 18. I live in Houston, but I am half-British (my mom and her side of the family are from there and I visit a lot). I love playing tennis, and I could play all the time if I didn't get hurt so much and/or didn't get quite so pissed off when I do badly. I also play the bass and would love to be in a band, but I need to get a lot better first. I really like rollerblading, and I haven't managed to break anything doing that yet. I like watching snowboarding on TV, and I would love to learn, but that would require living somewhere that had snow. Houston is not one of those places.

I really love England. I don't know if I would want to live there, but it's a great place to visit. Especially Wimbledon. I love Wimbledon. I've been to Wimbledon twice, the second time for a week. It was a such a blast. And, on the trip when I went to Wimbledon for a week, I went to Scotland for 2 weeks. I love Scotland and all the castles there. I've been to so many of them, but not enough. They are really intriguing, and really fun to walk around. I also get to see my grandparents in England - which is great. I love their town they live in. It's called Cleethorpes, and its a nice little town by the water, with great fish and chips!

I have always wanted to get out of Houston. I used to want to go to Australia, because it seemed like such a cool place, and all the people are such great tennis fans. I wanted to get out of the state for college. Now I'm not so sure. Texas isn't that bad. I'm debating right now mainly between Colorado School of Mines and Rice for college...and it's a hard choice. They both have great engineering, and I would love to go to Colorado because its soo beautiful...but there are good reasons to stay at Rice too. AHH! I have til May 1st to make up my mind. Fun.

I have a cat named Angel, who is really possessed by the devil. In spite of that, I do love her, and she follows me around wherever I go. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether she is in a psycho mood or not.

I would like to get a dog one day, like a little West Highland Terrier or something that is hyper enough to go running with me and stuff. I think Angel would eat any other pet we got right now though.

Senior year, senioritis. Fun. I've started watching a lot more TV this year. I'm being sucked into that black hole. It's ok, because Nicole is too. Muhahaha. Besides my old favorites - Friends, Smallville, Will & Grace, Scrubs, and SNL, I've started watching Good Morning Miami, American Idol 2, and That 70's Show religiously. Thank god for UPN's hour of That 70's show every night at 6. I just love that show. I don't know why it's so funny, but it is. Good Morning Miami is quite amusing, and better than Scrubs, and I think they should keep it for another season. My favorites for the Final Four on American Idol are Clay Aiken, Josh Gracin, Ruben Studdard, and Kim Caldwell. Philbert makes fun of me for watching that show, but I don't care. Clay is so nice, Josh is awesome (and sings country!) and Ruben is the velvet teddy bear! Aww.

I also love classic TV. I used to watch I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Happy Days, and the Wonder Years all the time on Nick at Nite. Now Nick at Nite has sold out and only shows Cheers and shows featuring Bill Cosby.

I used to be "obsessed" with Jimmy Fallon. I'm not so much anymore. He's still a hilarious guy, and he's awesome, but it's just not the same anymore. I don't record SNLs anymore, but I do watch most of them still. I think its a phase that most of the HG's moved out of, especially since the club turned into a group and everything. I still admire him for what he does though.

Music. Music. What an interesting topic. I'm not going to get on the subject and have a huge debate, which is what most people want to do. I listen to a mix of things - some punk, some emo, some ska, some alternative, some country. What a weird mix, eh? I love Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Saves the Day, and Good Charlotte. I also love Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw (both of whom I got to see at the rodeo! Yeehaw!!) I listen to whatever sounds good, regardless of its genre. Hell, I have Eminem's "Lose Yourself" on my playlist. I guess I'm not a "punk" anymore, eh? Darn.

I was in Web 2 for 2 1/2 years, working on the school webpage and stuff. I've always fiddled around with my own website, and while the web design may not be the best, at least I like it. I just do what is fun for me. I tend to go through fazes where I work on it a lot for a bit, and then forget about it for a while. Only site I have to work on day in and day out is the Blake Bros one. It's worth it though.

Looking back at the early days of my livejournal, I realize what an obnoxious quiz taker I was. I only take a few here and there now, and I barely even update my LJ. I should probably start doing that. I don't think people would mind if I didn't take all the quizzes on the face of the earth, though.

My favorite tennis players are James Blake, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Guga, Marat Safin, Patrick Rafter, Goran Ivanisevic, Mardy Fish, Kim Clijsters, Lindsay Davenport, Chanda Rubin, and a few others. And I know Andy Roddick is the "next new American thing" but I'm not his biggest fan. I used to be a lot bigger fan, but he seemed to get a little cocky after all his success that first year. I think he's come back down to earth a little since then, though. He was cool to us at Wimbledon - he called us the "San Antonians" whenever he saw us.

James Blake is my favorite player. He is awesome. He's a great tennis player, and to boot, he is really nice and down to earth. Same with Thomas Blake. They are both great guys. Their mom is from England, like my mom. I think that's cool. I got my picture with James and Thomas at the U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships in Houston in April. We also followed Thomas around on the Friday when he was working at the bar, and we got to talk to James on the phone! He was so nice, and he asked what my name was and we got to talking about Wimbledon. I was so stoked. I got another pic with James and saw 2 1/2 of his matches at Wimbledon. Anyways, they are really cool. They probably think I'm an insane stalker. I'm really not - I just really admire them.

I like to write stories, about anything. I've written a couple fanfics, and even if people didn't enjoy them, I enjoyed writing them. I've also started many stories in my time, but I've never actually finished many of them. When I have time, I will. I have so many ideas I want to get down on paper, but I just never get around to it.

I do enjoy reading, as long as it isn't forced reading for school. Some books we are forced to read are really good (read: Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Crystal Cave) and others are living hell (read: Wuthering Heights, Beowulf, and Sometimes a Great Notion). I read a lot outside school when I have time. I just finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I am working on the Appendices and the Silmarillion. Also, I'm working on the 3 sequels to The Crystal Cave, the 15th book in the Redwall series, and Johnny Mac's biography. I've already got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix preordered. (It's about time they published it!!!)

Shawn Ashmore is another actor I really like. He was great in the Animorphs TV show, and he plays great evil characters. He's cute too =) I never saw much of In a Heartbeat on Disney that he was on, but he played another evil guy on Smallville and did great! So great that now he's getting his own TV show on WB! Tom Welling is a great actor too...he's Clark on Smallville. He's pretty cute too =)

One thing I really hate about my high school (besides the fact that I hate the school in every way) is the cliques. They are so dumb. It's not just the "preps" but the "punks" and everyone else too. If I am not just like you, then I am not allowed in your group. If I was not the first person in your group, then I am a poser and trying to be like you. Why ? I thought being a "punk" was being yourself, and individual, and not caring about what others think or any trends that happen. Then why do the "punks" discriminate if I don't have a mohawk and listen to AFI every minute of every day? Oooo...just because I listen to Good Charlotte I must be a poser. I frankly couldn't care less for these little groups. I can fend for myself and I am not going to change my life for someone else. If you want me to, thats just too bad.
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